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The County comprises 13 voting rugby clubs: Aldermaston, Berkshire Shire Hall, Bracknell, Crowthorne, Hungerford, Maidenhead, Newbury, Reading, Reading Abbey, Redingensians, Tadley, Thatcham and Windsor. There are over 50 rugby-playing schools, with the most famous and successful being Wellington College.
Dave McAteer
Dave McAteer, RFU Council Member.
Email: Mobile: 07976 670365.


The current President, Danny Pratt, is the 34th in the County's history. Numbered amongst previous Presidents are a few who were involved on our committees into the 21st century: Tony Boyer (82-84), Jon Dance (92-94), Bill Willis (97-99), Peter Ringrow (99-01), David Bolton (05-07), Ray Kays (07-09), Roy Mears (10-11), Andrew Harris (12-13), Dave McAteer (14-15) and Steve Cullen (16-17).

In June 2012, Jonathan Dance was elected RFU Junior Vice President after 18 years representing Berkshire on the RFU Council and contributing to many RFU Sub-Committees, iRB Committee and others including the Six Nations Committee and FERA. In June 2013 he became RFU Senior Vice President and became RFU President in July 2014.
Updated 1st April 2018


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