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The Berkshire County RFU Executive passed a resolution to publish information from the Executive Committee and Club Committee meetings, AGM and EGM on this website. This enables member clubs and other stakeholders to see the issues being managed and provides transparency of the county activities. The Minutes can be found in the sub menu here.

There are five meetings per annum that are open to Clubs and other stakeholders and 6 Executive meetings where relevant people can be invited and/or be co-opted for a longer period.

At each of the Clubs Meetings we will focus on a few specific topics as shown below.

As can be seen, we have an AGM where the officers are elected and an EGM where the CB's Accounts are presented. In addition to the reports from the Executive members we have updates from the Berkshire Referees Society, the Berkshire Schools Union, Berkshire Club Chairmen Forum - and our RFU Council Member on the current issues at the RFU. 

Berkshire RFU Clubs and Exec Meetings 2017/18

 Date  Topic  Topic  Topic
 Wed 5th July      
 Clubs:  RDO  RFU Report  Senior CB Report
 Wed 6th Sep  (Hannah Edwards)  (Dave McAteer)  (Danny Pratt)
       Club Chairmans Report
       (Andy Lynch/Will Sewell)
 Wed 20th Sep      
 Wed 18th Oct      
 EGM:  Training Chairman Report  Facilities Report  Berks RFU Accounts
 Wed 1st Nov  (Ian Hallam)  (Steve Cullen)  (Niven Rose)
 Wed 3rd Jan      
 Wed 7th Mar      
 Clubs:   Youth CB Report  Playing Dev Report  Club Chairmans Report
 Wed 4th Apr  (Howard Thomas))  (Hannah Edwards)   (Andy Lynch/Will Sewell)
 Wed 9th May      
 AGM:  President's Report  Senior CB Report  AGM Election of Officers
 Wed 18th Jul  (Danny Pratt)  (Danny Pratt)  (Steve Cullen)
   RFU Report  Disciplinary Report  Referees Report
   (Dave McAteer)  (Julian Earl)  (Paul Lee)
   Interim Accounts Report    
   (Niven Rose)    

Updated 28th May 2018

In terms of attendees at the Clubs Meetings, we would expect the Club Chairmen and the CB Representatives to be present.

In terms of other club volunteers, we are specifically inviting the following for relevant topics thus:

Training Report/Referees Report: Club Coaching Coordinators, Club Referee Coordinators and Youth Chairmen.

Facilities Report: Club Facilities Managers, Fundraising Managers.

Youth CB Report/Playing Development Report/Schools Report: Youth Chairmen, W&G Managers.

Senior CB Report: Rugby Chairmen, W&G Managers.

Senior Competitions Report: Rugby Chairmen, Senior Fixtures Secretaries.

Youth Competitions Report: Youth Chairmen, Youth Fixtures Secretaries.

With regards to RFU Staff and other stakeholders, we are specifically inviting the following for relevant topics thus:

Training Report/Referees Report: Berkshire Referees Society Training Manager, RFU Area Training Manager and RFU Area Training Officer.

Facilities Report: RFU Area Facilities Manager, Berkshire RDO

Youth CB Report/Playing Development Report/Schools Report: RFU Area Playing Development Officer, RFU Womens RDO, Berkshire RDO, Berkshire Schools Union Chairman.

Gavin Williams, RFU Area Manager is invited to all of the Clubs Meetings and will be invited to some of te Executive Meetings when we are discussing the RFU PFR (Planning, Funding and Reporting) production.


Updated 28th May 2018

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