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For the last few years the RFU has been operating the Planning, Funding & Reporting (PFR) scheme with Constituent Bodies (CB) to formalise how the county plans its projects, budgets them and evaluates their performance. 

In order to produce this document, Berkshire RFU has to work closely as an Executive across all the areas of responsibilities they encompass. The process is that each of the Executive works with their county volunteers and their stakeholders to produce their plan that is then costed, targets set, timeframes applied and projects allocated to certain people to manage.

Stakeholders include members of the RFU Rugby Development Team, a range of club and school volunteers, the Berkshire Schools Union, Berkshire Referees Society, London Irish Academy and decisionmakers within other counties and South West RFU.

The Berkshire Executive then prioritises all of the projects and identifies what can be afforded within the available funding in conjunction with our RFU Area Manager who has the responsibility to sign off the annual Berkshire PFR.

In terms of funding, the RFU provides Core funding and additional funding relative to priority projects. In addiiton, Berks RFU generates additional funding via sponsorship and other sources in order to realise our objectives of leading and developing rugby in Berkshire.

The process is measured against the RFU's Six Key Drivers and these, as far as the Berkshire RFU Executive is concerned, completely tie in with their CB Aims, as detailed on this website.

The main area of divergence is whether part of RFU PFR funding to the County should be used to run Senior & U20 County Mens squads. The RFU says no. Berks RFU believes that the Senior squads are an important development area and inspirational and aspirational for younger club, school and county players. 

However, the RFU separately allocates funding for the three sides and it has risen from a total of £3,000 to £10,000 as long as 3 sides are put out. In addition, the RFU reimburses some of the competition travel costs but not for warm-up games.

For Youth CB Boys squads the CB is separately funded £7,500 in total to produce sides at U14s, U15s, U16s and U18s. No PFR funding can be used although this funding has remained the same for at least 8 years but has recently risen from £5,200. Berkshire RFU believes these age groups not only develop players for clubs and schools but we also develop coaches and volunteers in the game. Berkshire RFU funds U17s as they see this as a key element of retaining players through to the U18s. There is no separate funding for U15s and U18s Girls squads but the RFU allow PFR funding to support these squads.


Updated 3rd November 2017


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