In April 2016 Berkshire County RFU Executive Committee decided that it would co-opt two volunteers as Vice Chairmen who would not have day-to-day delivery responsibility but take on specific tasks, e.g. succession planning, as well as inputting their business experience.

In June 2013 Berkshire County RFU restructured to more closely reflect the requirements of our clubs and the restructuring of the RFU's Rugby Development Team that came into effect later that year. More details about the Berkshire Executive can be found in this part of the website under 'Executive'.

All positions on the Executive are elected annually at the Berkshire County RFU AGM in June of each year. The position of Berkshire Representative to the RFU Council is a separately conducted vote by the clubs in the Spring and the Chairman of Berks RFU Executive is elected by the Executive annually at their first meeting following the AGM.

Their individual responsibilities are explained in other parts of this website relative to the roles that the Berkshire Executive tasks themselves with and/or are required to by the RFU as an RFU Constituent Body (CB).

In addition to the roles described below, the Executive has the power to co-opt individuals to the Exec or to specific projects.

The Berkshire Disciplinary Committee is an wholly independent group, appointed by Berkshire RFU, to administer discipline and good order amongst our Clubs, in accordance with both the RFU and IRB Regulatory framework

The Berkshire Society of Rugby Football Union Referees (BSRFUR) or Berkshire Referees Society (BRS) for short, is a completely separate organisation that appoints referees to fixtures at Level 6 and below. However, Berks RFU works with the Berkshire Referees Society in the recruitment, devlopment and retention of referees both within clubs and schools and those that are members of BRS.

Their website can be found by clicking here.

The Berkshire Schools Union is again a separate organisation that reports to the England Rugby Football Schools Union (ERFSU). Berks RFU works very closely with the BSU to ensure that clubs have efficient and productive links with local schools for the recruitment of club players and that pupils have the opportunity to be develop with and play for the county.


RFU Council Rep


Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

Senior Competitions & CB Rugby Chairman

Youth Competitions & CB Rugby Chairman

Training Chairman

Playing Development Chairman

Facilities Chairman/Chairman

Club Chairman

Club Chairman

Vice Chairnan

Vice Chairman


Dave McAteer

Danny Pratt

Colin Pole

Niven Rose

Danny Pratt

Howard Thomas

Ian Hallam


Steve Cullen

Andy Lynch

Will Sewell

Grant Phillips

Julian Earl









Senior Competitions & CB Rugby Chairman













Youth Competitions & CB Rugby Chairman











Training Chairman














Playing Development Chairman













Facilities Chairman


To lead the development of CB Senior Squads including Ladies and also ensure that clubs are served by the Senior Merit Table fixtures and Berkshire competitions. Manage the team that delivers the CB Seniors and U20s team programme including budgetary control. Support the team that delivers CB ladies team programme. Liaisewith the Competitions Chairman and assist in the promotion of this programme. Build relationships with all club chairmen and senior rugby chairs. Attend SWU20s Forum meetings (2pa) and liaise with the RFU Player Development Officer. Prepare the PFR for the CB Senior programme in conjunction with the Berkshire Ladies Chairman and Competitions Chairman and assume overall budget responsibility.

To lead the development of CB Youth Squads including Girls & DPP and also ensure that clubs are served by the Berkshire and OBB competitions. With the DPP Manager, manage the team that delivers the CB U13s-U18s teams and DPP. Support the team that delivers the CB Girls U15s and U18s team programme. Build relationships with the club youth chairmen and head rugby coaches in the schools. Attend SWU16s and SWU18s Forum, Academy Liaison Group and Area 6 meetings and work with the RFU Player Development Officer. Manage the relationships with other CBs and activity venues. Prepare the PFR for the CB Youth programme in conjunction with the DPP Manager and Berkshire Girls Chairman and Competitions Manager and assume overall budget responsibility. Recruit and retain quality volunteers to the youth programme.

To lead the development of coaches, referees, medical and volunteers in clubs, the CB set-?up, schools and the referees society. Work with the Berkshire Referees Society, the RFU RDO and RFU Training Officer, the clubs, the schools to provide relevant and accessible training courses. Keep up to date with changes in training by liaising with the RFU staff and attending relevant conferences. Be responsible for the Training section of the PFR with budget responsibility. Present the Training programme with the support of the RFU Training Manager to the Clubs meeting once per annum.

To increase the numbers of rugby players of all ages and both sexes in clubs, schools and HE/FE, Therefore understand the playing universe of all the Berkshire clubs – and their ambitions and capabilities/facilities. This includes women and girls. Work with the RFU RDO and Berkshire Schools Union Chairman on how stronger club:school links can be achieved both in terms of how new players are identified and are introduced to club rugby via hosting and events. Be responsible for producing the Playing PFR submission and budgetary control. School competitions are a crucial element of this task. Ensure that the RFU CRC resource is used in the correct places and that Premiership Rugby Community Departments are guided to where the important opportunities exist. Present the Playing Development programme to Clubs with the assistance of the RFU Player Development Officer and the Chairman of the Berkshire Schools Union once per annum.

To ensure that all Berkshire clubs have all the support they require to develop their facilities to match the requirements of their members. Work with the club Chairmen and Facilities Managers and the RFU RDO to produce club development plans and with the RFU Area Facilities Manager to identify funding routes relevant to each club. Produce a four-year plan of the projects and funding requirements across the CB and assist the clubs in submitting their funding applications. Be responsible for the Facilities section of the PFR as well as the Communications and Marketing sections with budget responsibility across all. Present the Facilities programme with the support of the RFU Facilities Manager to a Clubs meeting once per annum.


Updated 21st May 2017

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