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In order for the Berkshire Executive to perform efficiently, we had to ensure that we could agree exactly what we should be doing to support rugby in Berkshire that would shape our activity identified on our Berkshire Planning, Funding and Reporting document (refer to separate section).

The RFU has identified their 6 Key Drivers for the Community Game that helps direct the activity of RFU staff, their CBs and the clubs - plus schools, colleges & universities and referees societies. In addition, the RFU develops projects targeted at current specific issues, for example, the retention of particularly 16-24 year olds, improving club facilities in advance of the expected influx of players due to RWC2015, and increasing the number of coaches and referees for the same reason.

Overall the RFU also has other objectives, such as, providing leadership and governance, generating revenue and funding to support the game, invest in their facilities, business activities and develop elite players for the national sides.

In a similar way, Berkshire County RFU sees its role as including providing leadership and governance, generating revenue and funding to support the game, and develop players giving them the opportunity to represent their county and hopefully at a higher level.

Below is the outcomes of our deliberations. You will notice that the key words are: support, provide, recognise, assist, communicate, manage, promote, lead, share and liaise.

Partnership is the over-riding key to developing rugby in Berkshire.

January 2014

Our Objecives (taken from our constitution 2013)

2.0 The objects of the Union shall be

2.1 The promotion and development of the game of rugby football in accordance with the laws of the game and the rules and regulations of the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

2.2 The promotion, expansion, development and support of the game in Berkshire and in particular its member Rugby Football Clubs, the Berkshire RFU, Schools Union and the Berkshire Society of RFU Referees.

2.3 The provision of the opportunity of playing representative rugby football at all age levels.

2.4 To fulfil the obligations placed upon Union as a Constituent Body under the rules and regulations of the RFU.

Our Vision is to share and communicate and be a trusted advisor to our stakeholders to reach their highest potential.

Our Mission is to lead and facilitate in the delivery of RFU and County programmes.

Our Aims

Who Leads

For All Players


To support them to become the best they can be

Youth & Senior Chairmen

To ensure they have an aspirational pathway and  representative rugby

Youth & Senior Chairmen


To provide appropriate competitive opportunities

Youth & Senior Competitions Group

For All Volunteers


To support them to perform their roles professionally

Coaching & Development Chairmen

To recognise their contribution to the game

Coaching & Development Chairmen

For All Our Clubs


To assist them recruit and retain players

Development Chairman

To assist them recruit and retain volunteers

Coaching & Development Chairmen

To assist them develop their facilities

Facilities Chairman

To support them in managing their clubs

All Berkshire Executive

To support them in providing a safe environment

Coaching & Development Chairmen

To share good practice

All Berkshire Executive

For All Our Stakeholders


To communicate all rugby activity to them effectively

Honorary Secretary

For the Game


To assist in the growth of the game including in schools

Development Chairman

To professionally manage the disciplinary process

Disciplinary Committee

To promote the game and core values to a wider audience

All Berkshire Executive

For the CB


To assume the lead in developing rugby in Berkshire

All Berkshire Executive

To effectively liaise with the RFU & other CBs

All Berkshire Executive

To become an example of good CB practice

All Berkshire Executives

To communicate all CB activity effectively

Honorary Secretary

To effectively liaise with Berkshire Schools Union and Berkshire Society of RFU Referees

Coaching & Development Chairmen

Development Chairman




































Updated 1st May 2017

Berkshire RFU


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