Berkshire U14s Cups

For the 2016/17 the U14s clubs will have a two-level Cup competition where all teams play home or away for the first two dates and then all teams play at a central venue for a Finals Day. Last season our 10 clubs with a youth section fielded 16 teams at U13s and the results can be found in the U13s archive section.

Main Cup

First Round - 15th January 2017

    Maidenhead A 0-17 Reading A

    Redingensians A 27-10 Tadley A

    Bracknell A 31-0 Newbury A

   Thatcham A 0-85 Reading Abbey A

Semi Finals - 5th March 2017 (reserve date 12th March 2017)

     Cup Semi Finals 

     Redingensians A 5-7  Reading Abbey A

     Reading A 7-34 Bracknell A


     Plate Semi Finals

     Newbury A 19-7 Maidenhead A

     Thatcham A 0-73 Tadley A


Finals Day - 23rd April 2017 at Redingensians RFC

     Winners of Cup Semi Finals to play for the Cup Reading Abbey A 12 - 27 Bracknell A

     Losers of Cup Semi Finals to play for the Plate Redingensians A 44 - 12 Reading

     Winners of the Plate Semi Final will play for the Vase Newbury A 38 - 5 Tadley A

     Losers of the Plate Semi Final will play for the Shield. Maidenhead A 63 - 0 Thatcham A

Development Cup

First Round - 15th January 2017


      A: Redingensians B2 48-10 Maidenhead B

      B: Windsor 57-0 West Berks BaaBaas

      C: Mid Berks BaaBaas 0-49 Redingensians B1


Mini League - 12th February 2017 

      Redingensians B2 HWO Windsor

      West Berks BaaBaas v Mid Berks BaaBaas


Mini League - 5th March 2017 

      Windsor 24-5 Redingensians B1

      Maidenhead B v West Berks BaaBaas


Mini League - 12th March 2017 

      Redingensians B2 7-26 Redingensians B1

      Maidenhead B 19-34 Mid Berks BaaBaas


Finals Day - 23rd April 2017 at Redingensians RFC

     Winners and Runners up of Mini League to play for the Cup Redingensians B1 31 - 26 Redingensians B2

     3rd & 4th of Mini League to play for the Plate Windsor A 56 - 0 West Berks BaaBaas

     5th & 6th of Mini League to play for the Vase Mid Berks BaaBaas 28 - 52 Maidenhead B


Cup Rules/Regulations

If the matches are a Draw there will be no extra time.The side that has scored the most  tries at the end of the match will be declared the winners.

If the same number of tries have been scored there will be a kicking competition where each side will nominate 5 players to place kick the ball over the posts from the 22m line (this will be in front of the posts).

The side with most successful kicks will be declared the winners. If this is level after each side has taken 5 kicks sudden death will take place with each side taking alternate kicks (with not the 5 original kickers).

The first side to miss with the other side being successful in that round of kicks the latter will be declared the winners.

A couple of clubs have acknowledged that they may have insufficient numbers to field two sides. To ensure that games take place, please can clubs co-operate in not playing

15 a side. I would prefer games to take place in the Development Cup even if it means playing 12 A side. Tis will ensure players will get an appropriate level of competitive rugby and more

Most mportantly have some fun

Howard Thomas, Youth Chairman, is responsible for the Berkshire Youth Leagues and Competitions (U13s-U15s). The role encompasses reviewing the structure of these leagues and competitions with the clubs. Supported by Janette Tichband and Steve Cullen in terms of administering the fixtures and results.

Janette Tichband, League Administrator, Email: Mobile: 07751 061229.

Steve Cullen, League Adjudicator, Email: Mobile: 07774 713804.



Updated 19th June 2017.

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