OBB U18s Colts Regulations


OBB U18s Colts League Regulations – 2018/19

1.        Description

The Competition shall be called the OBB Under 18s Colts League (OBB) and will be open to Youth Teams from each club in membership of the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire RFUs plus any teams from other Counties at the discretion of the Organising Committee.  All matches in the Competition shall be played under the of Laws of the Game of Rugby Union in effect and as published by the IRB from time to time with the Under-19 Variations as applicable to the age group in question and these regulations set out below (Regulation(s) with which every Club when entering a team in the Competition agrees to comply).

2.        Organising Committee

2.1     The Competition will be organised and managed by the Organising Committee appointed by the Youth Chairman of the three CBs whose decisions, subject to a right of appeal to the Youth Chairmen set out in Regulation 13 will be binding and final on any matter but specifically:

a)      the interpretation of these Regulations;

b)      any dispute between competing Clubs and

c)      any matter not provided for in these Regulations.

2.2     The Organising Committee appointed by the the Youth Chairmen of OBB is Steve Cullen and Janette Tichband. Steve Cullen is the Youth League Administrator to manage plan and organise the structure of the League fixtures, administer and compile results and provide a focal contact point for all issues and inquiries. Janette Tichband assists the Youth League Administrator.

The contact information is as follows:                               

                                          Steve Cullen
07774 713804
                                    Email: stevenjcullen@btinternet.com  

                                          Janette Tichband
                                    Telephone: 07751 061229

3.        Fixtures

3.1 Each club must confirm its participation in the OBB for the 2018/19 season to the Youth League Administrator by 31st July 2018 and the number of teams they are entering and the divisions they feel appropriate. Any application for participation after this date will be at the absolute discretion of the Organising Committee.

3.2 The Youth League Administrator will notify the clubs entering the OBB of League match dates (fixture dates) for the 2018/19 season by 1st July 2018. Final fixtures will be issued by the 5th August 2018. Fixture dates will be determined by the Organising Committee according to the RFU Structured Season and having regard to such other matters as the Organising Committee may in its absolute discretion decide.

3.3 Each club will play each other club in the Competition once – unless there is the need for a play-off. All teams will be placed into Divisions by the Organising Committee according to their previous requests results and having regard to such other factors as the Organising Committee may in its absolute discretion consider appropriate e.g. input from the Clubs' Youth Chairman.

3.4 The RFU’s U19 variations to the Laws of the Game will apply to the playing of all fixtures save where these Regulations differ in which case these Regulations will apply.

3.5 A team must always comprise at least 12 players and a club may not play more than 2 matches in the Competition with less than 15 players. .

3.6 For each fixture in the Competition one club will be designated by the Organising Committee as the home club and one as the away club. The home club is responsible for making all match-day arrangements including the provision of the referee and a suitable safe playing field set out according to Law 1 of the Laws of the Game. With the agreement of the away club the home club may cede home status to the away club, or play at a neutral venue. If the match is played at a neutral venue the designated home club is responsible for all the match-day arrangements. If the designated home club cedes home status to the away club that club becomes responsible for and agrees to undertake all the match-day arrangements.

3.7 All matches will be played during the season on the Sundays notified to the clubs by the Youth League Administrator. Kick-off times will normally be 2.00pm but can be altered by the home club where there is a bona fide reason but the kick off must be between 11.00am and 3.00pm on the said Sunday. Where the kick-off time is to be moved from 2.00pm the home club must notify the away club as early as possible and it must be confirmed in writing in any event at least one clear week in advance.

3.8 Once fixture dates have been notified to the clubs by the Youth League Administrator no fixture date may be changed by agreement between the Clubs involved other than with the specific consent of the Organising Committee. The Organising Committee may in its absolute discretion withhold or in exceptional circumstances (which may include the condition or suitability of the pitch but which shall not include non availability of players for any reason) grant specific consent but before so doing will seek the view of both the clubs in question and have regard to such factors as it in its absolute discretion may feel appropriate. The Organising Committee’s agreement to move a fixture upon the application of one of the Clubs will not in any circumstances be given unless requested to the Organising Committee more than five weeks before the original fixture date and where the clubs have agreed a mutually suitable alternative date which is in its absolute discretion acceptable to the Organising Committee.

3.9 Where a change in fixture date is determined in accordance with Regulation 4.1 agreement from the other club cannot be withheld.

3.10 The existence of a pre-arranged friendly fixture or pre arranged tour not notified to the Organising Committee prior to September 1st 2018 is NOT an acceptable reason to dispute a decision of the Organising Committee to a change of fixture date where the other club has a bona fide basis in the opinion of the Organising Committee for their request for a change of fixture date. The existence of a pre-arranged tour notified to the Organising Committee before 1st September 2018 IS an acceptable reason to decline a change of date.

3.11 Without exception all League fixtures have to be completed by the last date of the season in question as defined by the RFU. Any fixtures outstanding at this date will be void.

3.12 Where a team withdraws from the League part way through a season, all of its match results will be declared void and expunged from the League.

4.         Unplayed, Postponed or Abandoned Matches

4.1 If weather conditions or the state of the pitch prevent a match being played or a match is abandoned because of such conditions with more than 10 minutes playing time remaining, the match shall be played or replayed on the next available Sunday as specified by the Organising Committee or another date specified by the Organising Committee

4.2 The decision on weather conditions and/or pitch conditions making a match unplayable can only be made or confirmed in his absolute discretion on the day of the match by the match referee having consulted with both teams where practical and the respective groundsman where appropriate.          

4.3 In the event of a League match not being played for any reason other than under 4.1 above or a circumstance agreed by the Organising Committee, the club not in default will be awarded 4 League points and 1 Bonus point and the score deemed to be 20-0; 4 tries to nil.

4.4 If a club is unable to field a side for a League match, other than agreed by the Youth League Organiser, it must notify its opponents and the appointed referee with a copy to the Youth League Administrator as soon as the facts are known and in any event no later than 8.00pm on the preceding Friday. Failure to do so will result in 2 League points being deducted from the offending club in addition to that club forfeiting the match in question under Regulation 4.3 above.

4.5 If a match is rescheduled the Organising Committee will require that it must be played;

a) on the next free - Sunday in the Youth Structured Season upon which a  CB or South West Divisional representative match or training day has not been scheduled

b) If there are no free league Sundays, on the next Club Training Sunday

c) If no Sundays can be used, on a date determined by the Organising Committee.

5.         Club Positions

5.1 The position of a club in the appropriate age group League of the Competition will be established according to the number of League points the club has been awarded. Clubs will be placed in ascending order with the highest number of League points at the top. League points will be awarded as follows:

4 League points for a win;

2 League points for a draw;

1 bonus League point for a loss by 7 match points or less; and

1 bonus League point for scoring 4 or more tries in the fixture.

5.2 In the case of equal number of League points accumulated, positions between clubs will be determined according to the result(s) of the match(es) between the clubs, with the club with the highest number of League points (including bonus points) from these matches being placed highest in the League..

5.3 If a tie remains after applying 5.2 the clubs will be placed in the League according to which has the highest match points difference. Match points difference is the difference between cumulative match points for and cumulative match points against.

5.4 If a tie remains after applying 5.3 then the club with the highest total match points scored will be placed highest in the League.

5.5 If a tie remains after applying 5.4 then the club with the highest tries scored will be placed highest in the League.

5.6 If after the above it is still not possible to establish the position of the clubs, and even if the winning of the League is involved, then a tied position will be declared.

5 7 Should two clubs (A and B) be level after applying 5.2 and one of those clubs has received or made a concession under 4.3 to another club (C) the results in the matches A v C and B v C will be discounted before applying 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5. This principle will be extended should more than one concession or more than two clubs be involved.

6.         Notification of Match Result

6.1 Each club should ensure all League results are entered electronically within 24 hours game via  http://www.firsteleven.co.uk/results/ 

6.2 Failure to notify results may render the result void If the Youth League Administrator so decides.

6.3 The Youth League Administrator is responsible for the collation of all results and publication of the League tables and will publish the results within a maximum of 5 working days of receiving ALL results. Latest results and tables will be published on the Berkshire County RFU website, www.berksrfu.com

7.         Players

7.1 A club may only play or select as a replacement or substitute players who are registered with their Club under the RFU Youth Registration Regulations and who:

i) are bona fide playing members of the club;

ii) are of the correct age at one minute to midnight on 31st August  of the season in question as follows namely that they have attained 16th birthday but have not attained 18th birthday

iii) have not played in any OBB League fixture for any other RFU registered club in the OBB League in the season in question unless sanctioned by the Organising Committee at least 14 days before playing in any Competition match

7.2 Where a club has entered a team into Division 2 Red or Division 2 Blue, they are permitted to play not more than five U16s (who must have attained 15th birthday) only if and to the extent that they do not have enough U17 and U18 players. These U16s are not allowed to play in the front row and may only play if:

  • it is safe for them to do so and 
  •  the Club concerned has obtained the requisite parental carer's or guardian's consent in writing
  • the Club has complied in full with RFU Regulation 15.3.
  • they do not play in the front five.

7.3 A club will be deducted up to 4 League points by the Organising Committee on each occasion that it has been represented by an ineligible player or an ineligible player acts as a replacement or substitute.

7.4 Where a team has fewer than 15 players but at least 12 players then the match can proceed. Where a team is one player short the opposition team may play with a full team of 15 players. The match may also proceed and be played with the opposition reducing its team to one player more than the team that has 13 players or 12 players. The No.8 or both flankers will be missing respectively where the match is played 1 or 2 players short.

7.5 Where a club has entered two teams into OBB Colts, it must provide the names of 10 players to the organising committee who must not play in a B team fixture during the season. County players, AASE/Academy players must not be excluded from the ten names supplied.

8.         Replacements and Substitutes

8.1 In all matches in the OBB replacements and rolling substitutes are permitted in accordance with the RFU regulations relating to their use. A player who has been substituted may replace any player, whether or not that player has been injured. Players may be exchanged at any time during the match, when the ball is dead and with the knowledge of the referee.

8.2 A team may select a squad of up to 22 boys allowing a maximum of seven substitutes of which two must be qualified to play in the front row. If a team has 3 or fewer substitutes in the squad then only one substitute has to be front row trained.

8.3 Where a team reduces its playing team number in accordance with regulation 7.4 above because the opposition has only 13 or 12 players then it may retain its full squad and hence play more than 7 substitutes.

9.         Duration of Matches

9.1 In accordance with RFU regulations the duration of each match will be 35 minutes each half.

9.2 Stoppage time will be played at the end of each half as determined by the referee.

10.      Referees

10.1 The home club will be responsible for arranging the match referee who should preferably be a County Society referee. For all matches the referee should be at least RFU ELRA Level 2 qualified and should not be a coach of the age group at the club nor be conflicted through any other relationship with the team (e.g. father of a player).

10.2 Both clubs in a fixture will provide one touch judge each who will act under the referee’s direction.

10.3 Where the only referee(s) available are linked to one or both age group teams then the match can still proceed with such a referee if both teams are in agreement. If there is a choice of referees in such situations then the away team will make the selection.

10.4 If a player is yellow-carded by the match referee he will spend 7 minutes of actual playing time off the pitch without replacement and remain adjacent to and under the control of his coach.

10.5 If a player is red-carded he will immediately leave the pitch and proceed to the clubhouse. The player will then be banned from playing again until his case has been properly dealt with in accordance with Regulation 19 of the RFU regulations..

11.      Behaviour of Non players

Each club in the Competition will be responsible for ensuring that all non players at matches in the Competition respect the decisions of the referee, will not abuse any player or referee and will behave in accordance with core principles of the RFU namely respect, discipline, sportsmanship and enjoyment. Notwithstanding any action taken under RFU Regulation 19 or any action taken by a Club the Organising Committee may take such action against any Club or individual as it deems appropriate in relation to any complaint or report of behaviour in breach of this Regulation or one or more of the core principles referred to above. Such action may include but not be limited to referring the matter to a Club to be dealt with (with or without recommendations or directions), deducting League points or referring the matter to the County Disciplinary Committee. 

12.      Disputes

In the event of any alleged breach of or dispute arising out of these Regulations the matter shall be referred to the Organising Committee within three days of the circumstances giving rise to the alleged breach or dispute for a decision with full details also being given to any other Club or person involved in any such breach or dispute

The Organising Committee may adopt such procedure as it deems appropriate in reaching any decision it may take in relation to any matter referred to it under this Regulations and subject to Regulation 13 hereunder such decision shall be final.

13       Appeals

Any interested party may refer any decision taken under these Regulations by the Organising Committee to the Youth Chairmen of the OBB CBs which may either take a decision itself on the issue or refer the matter to a person or persons independent of the Executive or Management Committees of the Cbs concerned and the Clubs and persons interested in the matter.

The Youth Chairmen or the person or persons appointed by them  to take the decision under this Regulation may use such procedure and deal with the matter in such way as it he or they deem appropriate and their decision shall be final and binding on the parties to the issue and in particular there shall be no further appeal to the RFU or any other person firm or company. 

14       Fees

Entry fees are £25 per team and payable by 30th August 2018. Payment details will be supplied by the League Organiser.



Updated 27th September 2018

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