Danny Pratt - Berks President

Pratt, now 54, will hold office for the next two years and his appointment acknowledges, not only his hugely successful playing career at the top-class club level, but also his commitment at the local level where he's been a keen county rugby supporter and clubman playing and working closely with both his club and county officials since the early 1980s.

At a sturdy 6'7” tall and weighing in at 20 ½ stone the uncompromising Woodley-based former second-row with 67 senior Berkshire appearances under his belt plus 39 provincial games in New Zealand, admits: “It's ahuge honour for me as I've played for both my clubs and county an awful lot!”

While already the county’s Senior Chairman of Rugby, he tackles the pivotal Presidential role at a time when the counties management is in very rude health.

“The Berkshire Executive are now a very efficient body and we are all working off the same page and pushing in the same direction,” he states confidently. “There's no in-fighting, no bitching or any of that old rubbish that there might have been in the past!

“We're all there for the clubs and to facilitate things for them, build relationships and to help each other grow rugby within Berkshire.

“We've got to keep going forward and be there for the clubs and to help them with facilities, courses and wherever we can help, especially in player development, so as to give the up-and-coming lads a chance to play at a better level.”

There to assist him in his quest to raise the Berkshire profile within the national county championship and set it on the course to improving all aspects of the game inside it's boundaries are a group of a hard-working, like minded and committed club men from around the county.

They include Colin Pole, the counties long-standing Hon Secretary, RFU Rep and Aldermaston RFC die-hard Dave McAteer, Grant Phillips, Chairman of the Referees Society, vice-chairman Julian Earl, Hon Treasurer, Niven Rose, a former Scotland B full-back, Steve Cullen, Facilities Chairman and Howard Thomas, Youth Chairman. 

And there's plenty more support from within the county’s clubs eager to see Berkshire's name rising high in the county championship esteem and shaking off it's somewhat tired and tarnished old fashioned profile.

As Pratt recalls enthusiastically: “The clubs got together last season and the likes of Mike Parrott, Dan Thorne, Sam Hallett and Liam Bailey from Bracknell told us emphatically, `We all want Berkshire back up there where it used to be!' We've got to blow away players apathy at playing for Berkshire at senior level. At U20s and junior levels we don't have any trouble with but at senior level it's a case of once again making it an honour to play for your county like it was when I was playing with them!”

Berkshire, will, once again, be coached by long-standing mentor Mike Tewkesbury as they await to hear their county championship fixtures for the 2017/18 season which will be released in August.




Updated 12th July 2017

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