Safeguarding is now an important governance responsibility for all rugby clubs and is supported by the County through the CB Safeguarding Manager (CBSM) and Club Safeguarding Managers (CSM) working with the RFU Safeguarding Unit.

We are delighted to confirm that all clubs with youth sections have access the formal RFU Play It Safe and In-Touch courses

Compliance with the RFU regulations are a required element of the Club Accreditation Scheme and for providing comfort to parents that their children are attending sessions where clubs and coaches are aware and employ the highest elements of best practice.

Up to date details can be found at

Summary of Safeguarding meeting held on 2nd November 2015

Mental Health Talk - further to the presentation received at the National Conference I will arrange a separate presentation for Berkshire to include youth coaches and age group managers.
We also discussed situation for children with impairments attending sessions. I attach a link providing guidance for a number of specific matters
National Safeguarding Conference - Support will be given so Club officers can attend. Once I have details for 2016 I'll confirm.
Remote DBS process - I will formally speak to the RFU as to whether the process can in any be conducted remotely to take in club/safeguarding managers in more remote area and challenges in arranging appointments.
Safeguarding Audit form - Updated document attached. All clubs are requested to update the document and return to me for submission to the RFU.
Tadley will be formally audited this season.
Roy - Dan has confirmed he is available on the 1/8/9 December. Please let me know which works best. I am unavailable on the 9th.
Club Safeguarding Officers - So I can circulate a distribution list could you confirm the following for each club official;
1. Name
2. Email
3. Mobile number
HEADCASE documentation - I have requested supplies from the RFU to include the referee abuse cards.
If I have missed anything please let me know.
As requested I'll arrange the next meeting for February.
Best regards.

Updated 23rd November 2015

Berkshire RFU


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