The Developing Player Programme (DPP) is the RFU initiative that in the 2013/14 season succeeded the Schools of Rugby (SoR) programe that was instigated six years previously. For the 2013/14 season Berkshire County RFU successfully delivered the RFU funded DPP programme with its own coaches. London irish Academy provided strength & conditioning and physiotherapist support.

From 2014/15 the RFU Elite Department has given the overall responsibility for the format, coaching structure and the delivery of DPP to the local Premiership Academy. In our case this is London Irish Academy with Nick Kenedy, Academy Director and his team.

The major changes are that the programme is predominantly being delivered on Mondays during term time. The nunber of sessions and the number of players involved has been dramatically increased. This means that parents, players, club coaches and school coaches have to take responsibility in ensuring that overplaying/overtraining the players does not occur. London Irish Academy has stated that the DPP programme is not mandatory - players do not by any means have to attend every session. 

All the Bronze Group sessions below are at Maidenhead RFC:

Session Monday U15 U14 U13
1 5th September 2016 U15 U14  
2 12th September 2016 U15   U13
3 19th September 2016 U15 U14  
4 26th September 2016 U15   U13
5 3th October 2016 U15 U14  
6 10th October 2016 U15   U13
7 17th October 2016 U15 U14  
Half Term        
8 31st October 2016 U15   U13
9 7th November 2016 U15 U14
10 14th November 2016 U15   U13
11 21st November 2016 U15 U14  
12 28th November 2016 U15   U13
13 5th December 2016 U15 U14  
14 12th December 2016 U15   U13
15 9th January 2017 U15 U14  
16 16th January 2017 U15   U13
17 23rd January 2017 U15 U14  
18 30th January 2017 U15   U13
19 6th February 2017 U15 U14  
Half Term        
20 20th February 2017 U15   U13
21 27th February 2017 U15 U14  
22 6th March 2017 U15   U13
23 13th March 2017 U15 U14  
24 20th March 2017 U15   U13
25 27th March 2017 U15 U14  
26 24th April 2017 U15   U13
27 1st May 2017 Bank Holiday U15    
28 8th May 2017 U15 U14  
29 15th May 2017 U15   U13



Updated 16th July 2016

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